Why do trees need to be pruned?

If it is best to leave things in their natural state, why do people prune trees? Why not just leave them alone?

IT IS LOGICAL to assume that trees will develop well, without interference from humans. However, when we plant trees in cities and towns, when we add them to our yards, or when we create a recreational space within a natural setting, tree care requirements changes.

Trees in the wild vs. trees among us

Trees in a natural setting:

In a natural setting, trees either take care of themselves as long as they can. Then they die. In the wild, if there are no humans present, one can be content that there will be enough trees that survive catastrophic events, and if trees drop huge limbs or fall over, there is not much cause for concern.

Trees in populated areas:

In an area frequented by humans, however, we cannot simply take the approach of "whatever happens, happens."

In the first place, trees in populated areas can cause injury or death, if not managed properly. Tree limbs may fall unexpectedly or entire trees can topple. Thus, in the interest of safety, we cannot ignore the care of trees. Our company offers Boston tree risk management to help mitigate tree risk.

Another reason why we need to take care of trees is because the trees we interact with on a daily basis have special significance in our lives, and we want to make sure they survive, not only for our pleasure, but for the the enjoyment of the next generation.