How to tell if your tree care company (or tree surgeon) is qualified to do the job

It is sometimes difficult for a consumer to determine who is qualified to take care of their trees and shrubs. There are many tree care companies in Boston, Massachusetts (and throughout the country) willing to take on your tree care needs. However, not every company that agrees to take care of your plants is properly qualified to do so.


Here are a couple of pointers in choosing which firm to hire.

  1. Ask about the training your potential arborist has received. Make sure to ask about the training of the individuals who will be performing the work. Many times, the person selling the work is qualified, but the workers who perform the job are not appropriately credentialed. It is better to have a properly trained individual on site.
  2. Ask about insurance. Tree work can be dangerous. It is better to hire a company with insurance, so that you will not be held liable if an accident occurs.
  3. Ask what's included in the quote. You may be surprised if you hire a tree company to do work on your property, and the site is left a mess. Make sure the price includes site cleanup and anything else you expect will be done.
  4. Know the difference between an estimate and a quote. An estimate is a professional guess about how much something might cost. A quote is generally a fixed price. If you are given an estimate, make sure there is a limit to how much your final bill will differ from the estimated price. You don't want to end up paying 75% more than you budgeted.