Overview of Tree Care Services Offered

Tree Hazard Evaluations - Is there a tree in your yard, or on your commercial property, that worries you? You might consider having us do a tree risk assessment for you. A certified arborist (tree care professional) from Boston Tree ScienceĀ  will be glad to give you a professional opinion once you schedule your consultation. We can also produce a report for you, if needed.

Structural Pruning - Structural Pruning is the process of enhancing tree architecture (structure) by making selective pruning cuts. If this type branch removal is done early in the life of the tree, the tree's quality and life expectancy can be dramatically enhanced, while potentially saving a lot of money over the life of the tree.

Tree Health Assessments - With trees and shrubs, as with people, the earlier you can get a checkup from a specialist, the better chance you have of nipping problems in the bud. Especially if you have a large commercial plant installation, we recommend proactive care. It's generally a lot cheaper than caring for your trees and shrubs after they've succumbed to disease.

Third-Party Plant Evaluations - Sometimes people call us in just to get a second opinion on what's going on with their plant installation. We can provide written reports or simple verbal advice. Areas of evaluation include tree health assessment and contract review, where we look at a contract that our client has (involving a Boston-area landscape installation) and we make suggestions, as appropriate.